Dedicated subsystems to manage it all, including:

Increased efficiency
Increased efficiency
Easy compliance
Easy compliance
Boost safety
Boost safety
Eliminate duplication
Eliminate duplication
Enhanced communication
Enhanced communication

Why Centrik?

With more than 26 CAA post holders working within the business, with more than 30 years of professional pedigree, Centrik is more than a software company. We’re aviation operational management professionals with system development expertise.

We know all about operational management processes built around paper, spreadsheets and long, convoluted email chains – and we understand how this approach wastes hours of your company’s time, every day.

We know that you can’t put your finger on exactly where this time is lost, but you know that those wasted hours are there, somewhere.

With Centrik, you will get those hours back, which means you will also get the money that lost time has wasted back – money you can then reinvest into your business.

Centrik is also constantly evolving – we are always working closely with our existing customers, regulatory bodies from around the world, as well as liaising with high-ranking industry figures to continually improve the system, ensuring we remain ahead of the curve. Because of this, your business will as well.

Increased efficiency with Centrik equals time and money back into your business.



Centrik's all-encompassing operational management capabilities make it easy to fulfil your obligations to your team, your customers and the regulator. Get an CAA/EASA/ICAO compliant Safety Management System off the shelf, and File Air Safety Reports anywhere, any time – even offline – then track the impact of your reporting.


Centrik gives you the power to get your reporting right, quickly and easily. Intuitive reporting processes are the lifeblood of the system, providing you with access to KPIs and visual heatmap output for advanced performance tracking and analysis.


Centrik provides all users with previously hidden visibility of risk across your entire operation. Using Centrik’s heatmap dashboard you can analyse your risk according to ARMS methodology and plan appropriate actions through a fully customisable reporting system.


Regulatory compliance is weaved throughout the fabric of Centrik, it gives you the tools to conduct internal and external audits, providing a way to evidence to clients and all regulatory bodies your levels of compliance, all through an ISO9001 compliant audit system. You can manage checks, raise findings and track actions quickly and easily.


Centrik allows operators to protect their documents from unauthorised access, damage, alteration and theft, as well as providing the ability to see when they were last accessed, updated and read. Cut the administrative burden of document control with Centrik, with access to the most up-to-date documentation wherever you are.


Action all management procedures within the system – meetings are set up within Centrik, with minutes and actions added and assigned in real time. Cenrik’s intuitive traffic light system then highlights the progress of those actions, saving hours of administrative time.


Manage and monitor CPD across all staff members regardless of job role. Centrik’s training dashboard shows your team’s status and readiness to deploy. Track and conduct training electronically, easily monitor upcoming expiries, schedule training.


Seamlessly transition work between departments or within individual teams when having to factor in holiday, illness, shift changes. All required staff have the ability to track and update all work in real time, removing any need for lengthy handovers by creating a fully accountable narrative of events.

You have control

Centrik provides everything you need to manage your operations, at your fingertips. With modules to manage Risk, Safety, Compliance, Manuals, Documents, Meetings, Training, EFBs and much more, it’s the only all-in-one management system for every element of your operation.

Increased efficiency with Centrik equals time and money back into your business.

CENTRIK: Trusted by the aviation industry

Implemented, supported and endorsed by some of the leading companies in the sector, we have customers in over 100 countries, including:


One of our experts will be pleased to show the power of Centrik and the difference it can make to your organisation.