Case Study


Stansted-based CargoLogicAir took on the most advanced ops management system on the market to ensure it could handle the operational challenges with flying the Queen of the Skies.

Centrik provides a complete ICAO/EASA-compliant management system, with modules for compliance, safety, risk, meetings, training, EFBs, workflows and documents. Operators can also choose to give regulators remote access to their management system, allowing them to easily prepare audits, reducing the impact of onerous oversight requirements on a business.

Sten Rossby, Director of Flight Operations, CargoLogicAir, says: “There are various regulatory requirements which mean that as an operator, we need a comprehensive management system for safety reports, hazards, risk assessments, audits and so on. Centrik provides this in an easy to use, flexible package which has been customised to our specific requirements.”

CargoLogicAir has particularly benefited from Centrik’s remote access capabilities, which means its staff can access crucial documents and procedures wherever they are. The business is designed around flexibility, safety and security – values which are at the heart of Centrik’s ethos.

Rossby adds: “Centrik has been instrumental in identifying and managing safety and compliance issues. Total AOC has been highly responsive in providing support and with all our operational requirements now handled under one powerful but user-friendly system, we have complete control over all aspects of our operations.”