Case Study

Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) selected Centrik to handle its operational management, after finding the system was the best on the market for managing every aspect of regulatory oversight, and in the process cutting days of work from complex procedures.

During a rigorous selection process for a powerful, user-friendly regulatory system to optimise its safety oversight procedures, the SCAA selected Centrik over four competing systems from across the globe, with the SCAA paying particular attention to functionality, available modules, user-friendliness and cost when making its decision.

Through Centrik, the SCAA’s Safety Regulation Department has been able to move away from its previous hardcopy, paper-based approach to regulatory oversight to a more intuitive, cloud-based system, significantly streamlining a number of processes – particularly operator audits.

Centrik’s modular design also allows the SCAA to monitor its Airworthiness, Flight Operations, Air Navigation Standards, Aerodromes and Air Accident Investigation departments. The system’s user-friendly, intuitive interface has meant staff have been able to quickly adapt and take advantage of its powerful management solutions.

Graham Robb, Head of Flight Operations Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, says: “Previously it could take a week to plan, carry out and document the findings of any audits we had to conduct. Now, thanks to Centrik, the entire process can be completed in a day. All the information we need is at our finger tips, giving us the ability to see all past, current and future tasks in an instant – across every part of our operation”