Implementation Team

With Centrik, a dedicated Implementation Executive will handle all aspects of setting up your operational management system.

You will be guided through a pre-implementation phase to identify your specific needs before site design can commence. A series of WebEx calls work through each of the Modules and appropriate guidance is offered as we configure your Centrik dashboard.

How long will our implementation take?
Are you able to assist with training of our employees?
What will happen to our historic data?
Is ongoing training provided if required?

Support Team

Once you are fully implemented and trained, your operation will be handed over to our Support Team. Our Head of Customer Service manages both the Implementation and Support Teams to ensure a seamless transition between the two – so whoever you are working with, they’ll understand your specific needs.

Our pledge is that when you need support, we will be quick, efficient and deliver on your requests.

What are your hours of coverage if I have a problem?
What is your average response time?
Can I speak to someone in person?
Are you able to provide training support if required?

CENTRIK: Trusted by the aviation industry

Implemented, supported and endorsed by some of the leading companies in the sector, we have customers in over 100 countries, including:


One of our experts will be pleased to show the power of Centrik and the difference it can make to your organisation.