Published on November 16, 2017

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Limited (Texo DSI), the owner operator of the world’s most advanced and dynamic fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, has adopted Centrik to manage its operations, dramatically increasing its efficiency and transforming the management of areas such as safety, risk and compliance.

The specialist operator uses UAVs to provide state-of-the-art inspection & survey services and precision data collection in hazardous environments such as the maritime, oil and gas sectors. With Centrik’s fully integrated ability to connect all information relating to operational management, Texo DSI can now easily evidence its competence and compliance to clients.

Staff are now able to focus on deploying their specialist skills in challenging sectors, instead of having to spend hours a week documenting procedures and processes. Also, with Centrik’s capability for offline reporting and automatic synchronisation, reports and information can be recorded, shared, updated and actioned out in the field.

The system also makes it easy for the Texo DSI team to spot patterns in management and track progress through KPIs, enabling the company to impress its customers by continually improving its operational excellence.

James Arnott, Principal Systems Officer, Texo DSI, says: “Centrik is a far smarter, more efficient way to manage our fleet which is now the largest in the sector. Instead of relying on disparate spreadsheets, documents and emails to manage our processes, we have a fully integrated management system that automatically ensures all evidence of our operational excellence is kept up-to-date. Our team can focus on their jobs, instead of admin.”

As the system provides live evidence of reporting and actions taken from filed safety cases or risk assessments, Texo DSI can also easily evidence its excellence to regulators and clients.

Arnott adds: “Every element of the system is interlinked, so we can compile information packs at the touch of a button. That means when a regulator or client audits, we can provide almost everything they need in advance and avoid them having to spend hours on-site trawling through paperwork.”

Centrik was originally developed for the manned aviation sector but now also provides powerful management for unmanned operations. The system is used by a variety of operators and National Aviation Authorities, including Aerovironment, Nordic Unmanned and CAA International.

Centrik is demonstrating its ability to revolutionise unmanned aviation management at Stand 101 at the Commercial UAV Show, ExCeL London on 15-16 November.


Notes to editor:
Centrik provides complete operational management for the aviation, military, maritime and banking sectors, and helps ensure regulatory compliance. Born from the civil aviation sector, Centrik currently has 5,000 users working in some of the most highly regulated and safety critical industries in the world.

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