Published on March 10, 2021

Centrik has utilised its comprehensive Regulations Module to help operators negotiate the complex regulatory changes they face in the aftermath of the UK’s exit from the EU.

When the UK left the European Union on 31st December 2020, it adopted the existing applicable European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations into UK law, but with a number of changes. Though the related changes have been posted online, they can be hard to find, with multiple individual documents often needing to be open and cross-referenced simultaneously.

Centrik recognised the need to create a fully consolidated version of the new regulations, providing operators with a single UK Air Operations document containing all changes and new regulatory items. Once compiled, this was made instantly accessible to Centrik users via the system’s regulations service. In addition, Centrik’s sister business, Total AOC Solutions, is also placed to advise operators on how best to implement the new regulations.

Jim Gautrey, Head of Management Systems at Centrik, says: “We’ve worked hard to unpick the complexity of this problem. By using the power of Centrik’s Regulations Module we have created a version of the new UK regulations that isn’t currently available anywhere else; it’s a valuable tool that will help ease the stress of the transition.”

Regulatory compliance is weaved into the fabric of Centrik, with users already able to access the regulations for more than 20 global aviation authorities within the system itself. Calling on the team’s extensive industry knowledge and experience, Centrik took the existing EASA regulations, then integrated all the new changes in order to create the consolidated version, which includes new UK Statutory Instruments. Owing to Centrik’s cloud-based architecture, subsequent amended consolidated versions of the regulations will be instantly updated within the system and accessible from any connected device.

To aid operators further, the team has included additional useful information like side-by-side comparisons detailing any amendment changes down to the letter, or the inclusion of future dates when new regulations will come into force.

“It’s a testament to the power of Centrik – and to the skill of our team – that we have been able to produce such a clear, usable document in such a timely manner. The idea was to use our experience to help the UK aviation industry, and I’m delighted with the result,” adds Gautrey.

For non-Centrik users, the consolidated version of the new regulations is available as a standalone document on the company’s website – accessible here. Centrik is also working on consolidated UK versions for the regulations applicable to its maintenance, flight training, airport and air traffic services clients, which will also be posted online once complete.